Are your best customers visiting specific locations? Give them a virtual handshake with geo-fencing.

Draw a virtual perimeter, connect with real customers​

Geofencing is a technology that sets up a virtual boundary around a real-world location. It works like a digital fence, triggering actions when a device enters or leaves the specified area.

Utilizing GPS or RFID technology, geofencing creates an invisible boundary. When a mobile device crosses into this area, it triggers targeted ads to be delivered to their devices over a defined period of time. 

Geofencing offers precise targeting. Connect with potential customers precisely when they’re near your location or even a competitor’s. It’s not just for big businesses; small and medium enterprises can leverage geofencing for impactful results.

Have a customer or prospect list? Leverage that list by utilizing our Addressable Geofencing service, and cut the direct mail costs while bringing your ads to your prospects more frequently on their mobile, desktop, and even streaming devices!

Geofencing is a powerful, straightforward tool to enhance your marketing strategy. By setting up a digital ‘fence’, you can engage customers at the right place and time. Embrace geofencing and let your business stand out.

Ready to get started? We've got options!

Whether your an established brand with a dedicated marketing budget, or a small business looking to grow in an affordable way, Findable can help you achieve your business goals. In fact, we have two options to help you get the most out of your geofencing campaign. 

Option 1) Done for You

Our team of professional media buyers can help bring your campaign to life. We understand how to curate your audience, define your geofencing locations, and implement online and offline conversion tracking. If you want the team at Findable to create, manage, and optimize your geofencing campaign, reach out today!

Option 2) DIY

Up until very recently, there was no option for business owners to create and manage their own geofencing campaign, but with Qujam – you can! Findable has partnered with Qujam to bring self-serviced geofencing to every business owner with their simple-to-use platform. Click here to register your geofencing campaign today!

Our approach

We get all the information we need to create and run a successful ad campaign.


We help faciliate professional commercials and write creative scripts that will ultimately convert.


We offer reporting on a regular basis so you know exactly how your ads perform.

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Seamlessly integrates with SEO, Web Design, and Paid Ads, creating a powerful 

synergy to enhance location-based marketing and overall online visibility.


Our local and national SEO campaigns help you rank on Google.

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We build professional WordPress websites for your business.

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We offer custom social ads with strategy for your ideal customers.

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Want A More Comprehensive Approach?

Smart brands understand that having a cohesive brand voice is essential to growth and brand recognition. If your ads look completely different from your website, which looks completely different from your social media or print campaigns it confuses your audience and fractures results. At Findable, we prefer to take a holistic approach to our clients marketing and advertising. With our Showcase Pro service, we get to do just that. Get our entire marketing team, from graphic designers to media buyers and copywriters, you’ll have our team working for you – at a fraction of the cost to hire this type of team in-house. 

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