Streaming TV Commercials & YouTube allow you to tell your brand's story in a hyper-targeted way

Get in Front of Your Ideal Customers No Matter Where They Are Watching

In the marketing world, video is king. The problem for most business owners is the cost of getting your video in front of your audience, and the potential wasted dollars that come with traditional video advertising. 

With cable and broadcast television, the best you can do with targeting your audience is to try and pick programming that your best customer might be watching. But that leaves a lot up to chance, doesn’t it? 

And what about skipping commercials, we’ve all done it right. Pause the TV when it goes to commercial break, hit the bathroom, or grab a snack, and unpause when it’s been long enough to skip right past those pesky commercials. 

Most businesses don’t have giant marketing budgets to waste on commercials that might get in front of their perfect customer and hope that same customer doesn’t skip past their ads.

That’s where Findable comes in. We understand video marketing, whether it’s streaming TV commercials (otherwise known as OTT/CTV), direct Hulu commercials, or YouTube ads – we’ve helped dozens of businesses scale with video marketing. In fact, we’ve managed well over $300,000 in video ad spend. 

How We Make Sure Your Ads Are
Shown To Your Best Customers

Gone are the days when you have to use the above-mentioned “might” and “hope” methods of TV advertising. With Findable’s advanced targeting options, we can precisely target your best audience with multiple layers of online and offline data such as geographic location, gender, age, income, credit score, homeowner status, job type, job level, specific physical location visits, and even home address to name just a few. 

What does this mean to you? It means that you can build an audience that precisely fits your best customer’s profile, and serve your ads to them and only them. 

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Our approach

We get all the information we need to create and run a successful ad campaign.


We help faciliate professional commercials and write creative scripts that will ultimately convert.


We offer reporting on a regular basis so you know exactly how your ads perform.


Seamlessly integrates with Geofencing and SEO, ensuring your content 

reaches the right audience and achieves optimal online visibility.

find your best customers with geofencing.


Boosts engagement, drives targeted marketing.

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Our local and national SEO campaigns help you rank on Google.

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Want A More Comprehensive Approach?

Smart brands understand that having a cohesive brand voice is essential to growth and brand recognition. If your ads look completely different from your website, which looks completely different from your social media or print campaigns it confuses your audience and fractures results. At Findable, we prefer to take a holistic approach to our clients marketing and advertising. With our Showcase Pro service, we get to do just that. Get our entire marketing team, from graphic designers to media buyers and copywriters, you’ll have our team working for you – at a fraction of the cost to hire this type of team in-house. 

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